Singing Techniques

Technique is the term used to describe the application of methods and skills to produce an end result, in this case it is for the purposes of learning how to sing or improve vocal ability. The teaching of technique takes on many forms, often depending on the ethos and beliefs of the teacher, which is why there is so much controversy and discussion on the subject.

Our philosopy is to encourage the student to explore as many techniques as possible to discover methods that best suit the individuals personality and voice.

The purpose of learning techniques is to provide insights on methods that people have found to be helpful in improving or enhancing their natural talents. The singer should aim to recognise both unhealthy and healthy methods of singing and incorporate healthy techniques into their practise sessions until they become second nature rather than attempt to focus purely on technique during performance.

This section provides articles and links to external articles containing ideas and techniques used to explore the talents and capabilities of the performer. You may not always agree with some of the principles, ideas or theories expressed, however we provide them in an effort to encourage further research, exploration of your own natural abilities and discussion with your tutor.

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“The only reason for mastering technique is to make sure the body does not prevent the soul from expressing itself.” – La Meri

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Vocal Techniques
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