The Ultimate Vocal Workout!

Jaime Vendera has been featured on many television programs as the first artist to have been recorded shattering a glass with his voice and has become a much sought after vocal coach with a series of books and media lessons. His latest production is a comprehensive vocal home study course for singers. This system contains five books, two performance edge mind programming MP3s, two audio warmups, over six hours of instructional video (including accompanying audio exercises) and three hours of instructional audio to skyrocket your vocal potential to a whole new level.

Vocal Coach To Celebrity Rock Singers Says “Give Me Just 10 Minutes And I will Show You Such A Dramatic Change In Your Voice You will Instantly Know I’m The Real Deal”

You may have seen me on TV shows like Good Morning America, I’ve Got a Secret, Time Warp, and Myth Busters (where I shattered the myth that a wine glass couldn’t be shattered with the voice.) I’ve also been invited onto and appeared on TV shows in France, Japan, and Germany to showcase my vocal abilities.

As a side note I do hold a world record as the first documented singer to shatter a wine glass with voice alone. (I’ll even teach you how to do that if you want to learn.)

Some of my vocal clients are musicians from bands like Dream Theater, Thriving Ivory, Vains Of Jenna and RA just to name a few. I’ll introduce you to some more of them later. So you know you’re in good company.

I will Not Only Show You How To Sing…. I will Show You How To Howl Like A Banshee, Grunt Like A Monster, And Even Shatter Glass With Your Voice!

What this means for you is I’m going to show you only the best techniques I’ve come up with and give you over twenty years of information “crash course” style and transform your voice in days instead of years.

There’s a reason you won’t find anything like this anywhere else…it’s because nobody else knows how to teach it. So what I’ve done is created a complete home study course with massive follow up so you too will have the polish of a professional singer and the edge of a rock star. (And more importantly the ability to really impress the people that matter along with even the most dedicated skeptics. )

So here’s what’s in the Ultimate Vocal Workout Package

This system contains five books, two performance edge mind programming MP3s, two audio warmups, over six hours of instructional video (including accompanying audio exercises) and three hours of instructional audio to skyrocket your vocal potential to a whole new level. Here’ a breakdown of each component:

#1- The four volume deluxe edition of Raise Your Voice – This program is set up in four different volumes so you can go through it piece by piece noticing improvement in your voice while still consistently learning the nuances and keeping your voice fresh.

There are four hundred pages combined in these four volumes so you know that no question will be left unanswered. I’ve put the most detailed information in it so it’ll be like I’m right there with you in the room.

Here is a fraction of what we’ll be going over…

, The secret to Power Breathing – This is the secret weapon behind singing solid notes and powerful screams without tearing up your cords. (Hint- It doesn’t take a lot of breath on those high notes like you’ve been told.)

, How and where to place your voice for easy and effortless range (This small change takes about a minute to do, but makes all the difference and you’ll hear it.)

, How to develop a signature vocal style to avoid sounding like everyone else. You’ll be instantly recognized when heard instead of people always asking each other “Who sings this?”

, The best vocal diet and exercise program. Even the best singers will sound like crap out if they’re not properly caring for their instrument.

, Mixed, falsetto and full voice development so you’re prepared to change up your voice on command if you need to.

, How to hit high notes that you thought you couldn’t reach without your voice cracking or breaking, you just need to know how to support it.

, Increase your ability to instantly sustain your notes an extra three-seven seconds with this trick to develop your maximum breathing potential.

, How to make sure you eliminate the embarrassing “Tone Deaf Syndrome”. About four out of ten singers think they sound great while everyone else around them is wincing.

, Tips for progressing even further when you’ve hit a vocal plateau.

, My secret technique of “Song Mapping” which will allow you to master any singing style or any song.

, Plus much more from song writing tips to how to choose which microphone will make you sound amazing and which ones to stay away from.

As you can see I wanted to make sure everything got covered and I’ve even thrown in some things that you wouldn’t even think to ask…but I’ve come across it in my time, so it’s in there.
Raise Your Voice

#2- Raise Your Voice Members Section

You’re also going to get access to the Raise Your Voice member’s only section where I’ve included some kick arse tools to help you get the most out of the Raise Your Voice System. In the member’s section you’ll find…

, Over six hours of video tutorials where we’ll cover some of the biggest aspects of singing and you can practice along with me. (It’s the next best thing to actually being there.) Plus you can do these lessons at your leisure and rewind if you need to.

, I’ve also included downloadable versions of the vocal scales I use in the videos so you can have them right there with you.

, Three hours of instructional audio so you’ll have examples you can listen to and train your ear with. Ear training and being able to hear what’s right and what’s not is crucial.

, Access to the singer’s message board which is an invaluable resource so you can keep in contact with other singers and chart your progress. If you didn’t know already, the music business is a relationship business and the better relationships you have the better your chances of making it big… this is a perfect opportunity for you to meet and mastermind with like minded people and possibly create that “Big Break” for yourself.

#3- The Ultimate Breathing Workout

In this book we’re going to dive even deeper into breathing and techniques to have you mastering your breath in no time. Breathing is directly tied to your ability to sing, if you can’t breathe correctly you won’t be able to sing.

I’m going to be showing you breathing isometrics that will add both decibel power to your voice and allow you to sustain a note for an extended period of time (And by extended period I’m talking about the ability to hold a strong powerful note for thirty seconds and more without cracking or wavering.)

And of course I wanted to go the extra mile for you so I’ve included some downloadable audio examples so you can hear exactly what I’m talking about.
The Ultimate Breathing Workout

#4-The Ultimate Vocal Workout Diary

I won’t be happy unless you succeed, so I created a diary that will allow you to track your progress daily. This diary will motivate you to finish your workouts and within weeks you can review and be amazed at how your voice has grown in range and power.
The Ultmate Vocal Workout Diary

#5-Voice RX Vocal Recovery System

As we’ve said before if you can’t sustain your voice because you’re sick or you’ve torn your voice out of your throat from poor vocal technique then you’re not going to last long touring or keeping signed with a record label.

Fortunately for you I’ve created the Voice RX Vocal Recovery System. This system came about because I kept getting dragged out of bed with a hysterical phone call that a singer on tour lost their voice during a gig and absolutely had to be able to sing the next night or the show would be cancelled. (You can replace a drummer; you can’t replace the singer.)

So what I’ve done is compiled my most powerful and secret techniques that I’ve taught to touring singers to get their full voice back within a couple hours and sometimes within a few minutes.

This system comes with the brand new completely revised Voice RX guide and a special recovery warm up mp3 based on one simple exercise that restores blood flow back into your vocal cords in record time with minimum force.

I’m showing you the exact same exercise I used to scream for eight hours shattering wine glasses and training opera singers to being on set at 6AM the next morning to shatter a wine glass on Good Morning America.

Believe me this stuff works and your voice will NEVER be the reason for a canceled show.
Voice RX Ebook
Voice RX Warm Up

#6-Vocal Reset

This program is a continuation of Voice RX for singers who have dealt with vocal issues over a period of weeks, months or years. If your sore throat isn’t the result of a one-night scream fest and you are fed up with constantly clearing your throat, it might be time to “reset” your voice. This brand new program is extreme, but if followed, will help you to “reset” your voice and recover what you’ve vocally lost!
Vocal Reset

#7-The Vocal Mindset Complete Program Parts I & II…

This is a program I felt so strongly about that I actually got my friend and mentor Max Action to be a part of. Max is a world-renowned motivational speaker and an expert on action psychology and conditioning. Max had actually created a “Glass Breaking Mindset” program specifically for me. In fact, it’s my secret weapon before show time and no one else but the two of us will ever hear it;) However, it was so effective that I wanted Max to create something similar for singers.

Vocal Mindset I works hand in hand with mentally mastering the techniques in this system, while amping up your confidence to master the stage. It was specifically created to break the barriers of your mind to give you the winning edge to master this system and the stage. Vocal Mindset puts your subconscious into “Rock Star” mode, so you see the performance in your mind, and experience the roar of the crowd, all before hitting the stage…So that every time you hit the stage, you own the stage!

Vocal Mindset II is the next step to vocal self-discovery, dealing more with the internal subconscious workings of the mind that affect the way you mentally and physically feel about your voice. It’s your vocal therapist!

I strongly believe that your mindset is key to getting your body to do what it’s capable of doing with certainty and consistency. This audio program is going to help you master my exercises, conquer the stage and turn you into a power house performer that can ROCK THE HOUSE!
Vocal Mindset 1
Vocal Mindset 2

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More Products by Vendera Publishing

Some of the products listed above can be purchased individually so you can put together your own vocal training package to suit your budget and level of ability, use the links provided to add individual items or the full Ultimate Vocal Workout Package to your shopping cart. Further products are included below.

Virtual Voice Lesson with Jamie Vendera
Study one-on-one via the Internet with world renowned glass shattering vocal coach Jaime Vendera and learn the secrets of rock stars to sing higher, louder, longer and stronger. (Paypal buttons for one to one lessons are at the end of the page).
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12 Minute Stage Crazy is THE workout for rock stars! If you want to look like a rocker, play like a rocker, and sing like a rock, this is the road to get you there. Fitness guru Ryan Murdock created this program after working with many rock stars to get them in grat shape, including Jim Gillette and Lita Ford. Once vocal coach Jaime Vendera pointed out the need to spread this system to the masses, Ryan put together an amazing system based on six simple exercises that work your ENTIRE body in ONLY 12 minutes per day, give you a full muscle building/stretching/cardio workout. 12-Minute Stage Crazy consists of one ebook and two instructional videos to guide you through the workout. The best part- You only need your body to do the exercises and you can do them anywhere- at home, in the studio or on the road! Watch this video for the proof!

Click here to view more details on 12 Minute Stage Crazy

Beyond the Utimate Breathing Workout
The second video in the Beyond the Voice series is Jaime’s Beyond the Ultimate Breathing Workout. This downloadable 25+ minute instructional video brings to life the exercises from Jaime’s book, The Ultimate Breathing Workout,covering the nine-exercise breathing system, as well as guiding you through the breathing bonus exercises, including the Breath Builders and Applied Breathing Isometrics, as well as explaining how to use the PTD-1 Breath Trainer and introducing you to the best herbal combination for opening the sinuses and lungs. These breathing exercises will NOT make you a better singer. However, they will strengthen the singer’s fuel tank, training the body how to best utilize and support air-flow, thus minimizing the need for excess air in order to sustain longer, louder, or higher notes. Enjoy this comical, wanna-be-Zen-like video and become a breathing machine!
Beyond the Ultimate Breathing Workout

Beyond the Ultimate Vocal Warm Up
The first video in the Beyond the Voice series is Jaime’s Beyond the Ultimate Vocal Warm Up. This downloadable 40+ minute instructional video takes you on a visual tour through the pages of Raise Your Voice, covering Jaime’s non-vocal scale warm up section in part three of his book. In this video, he will cover his simplistic approach to his three-point vocal technique approach, explain his “Isolation method” as applied to vocal warm ups such as Lip Bubbles, Humms, and Chewbaccas, as walk you through the Vocal Stress Release program- the ultimate reflexology massage & stretching program to get your voice and body ready for the stage & studio. This is the warm up for the singer who prefers a non-scale based warm up, yet wants to maintain their voice night after night of performing, during rehearsals, and in the recording studio. Beyond the Ultimate Vocal Warm Up is the same method used by singers like James Labrie (Dream Theater), Clayton Stroope (Thriving Ivory), and Kevin Rudolf and can be applied to all styles including rock, gospel, opera, blues, pop, and country.
Beyond the Ultimate Vocal Warm Up

Can I Really Sing Higher : 40 of Your Most Pressing Questions About Singing Answered
Can I Really Sing Higher

Online Teaching Secrets Revealed
Thinking of becoming a vocal coach yourself How would you like to turn what you know into dough? The online teaching business is booming and now is the time to join the onine teaching revolution! Anyone with a computer, webcam and headset, who has an area of expertise can share and turn that knowledge into cold-hard cash. Whether you are a school teacher who wants to tutor math, a piano player who wants to teach music, or a chess enthusiast who wants to share their winning “secrets”, millions of people on the Internet want what you know! Internet vocal coach Jaime Vendera shares his online teaching secrets that have gained him students from many famous bands as well as create an online writer’s workshop series. This book guides you from beginning to end, explaining how easy it is to get started with equipment you already have and free programs on the Internet, making your start-up cost next to nothing. You’ll learn the secrets to marketing yourself as an online instructor and learn how to expand your one-on-one online teaching business into online workshops, with up to several hundred attendees to increase your profits. The book contains links to every site you’ll need to start teaching today! Are you ready to turn what you know into dough? Learn how in “Online Teaching Secrets Revealed!”
Online Teaching Secrets Revealed

Reach For The Top
Reach for the Top: The Musician’s Guide to Health, Wealth and Success by Dr. Timothy Jameson, (author of Repetitive Strain Injuries: Alternative Treatments and Prevention) will be the first book of many written by Dr. Jameson through Vendera Publishing. Are you considering a career as a musical artist? Are you a musician or vocalist reaching a plateau in your career? Do you have a nagging injury that is holding you back from excelling in your musicianship? Are you looking for the secret clues that the highly successful musicians already know? Then this is the book for you!
Reach For The Top

Voice RX by Jaime Vendera

The Voice RX program consists of an ebook and three mp3s.
Voice RX Ebook
Voice RX Warm Up

Sing with Mastrey by Jaime Vendera
I believe everyone should sing….and everyone can! A hearing impaired person can sing through the sense of vibration and sound. When you make certain sounds, you bring out various degrees of vibration and terhefore many different sounds, tones, in what I call, “color’s”. Those elements not only change the world around you, but can change what goes on inside your own body mentally, physically and spiritually.

My technique of developing the vocal chords is to start with the breath. If you’re breathing poorly, it makes singing almost impossible. The breath is what vibrates the larynx which makes the sounds. Unlike guitar, where you actually strum or pluck the strings, it’s quite the opposite. You don’t want anything touching the chords except the amount of breath that flows through past the vocal chords in combination with the pharynx (which is the tiny cavity leading from the mouth to the nose). This helps to resonate various sounds.

In Volume One, we’ll explore this technique, along with how to breathe, relax, placement of your mouth, tongue and lips and much more. You’ll find out what you’ve been doing right or wrong and learn how to excel as a singer. Consider me as your personal fitness trainer giving you a vocal work out. Be patient, don’t give up, practice with this CD as often as possible and I promise you, you will hear a difference and become more confidant when you “Sing with Mastrey”
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A Lecture With Elizabeth Sabine is a two-part MP3 voice lesson. You’ll get to experience a talk that vocal coach Elizabeth Sabine gave to the Town Hall of California at the Stock Exchange Club in Los Angeles. The town hall is an impartial forum dedicated to civic education and to the discussion of public questions.
A Lecture With Elizabeth Sabine

The Official Elizabeth Sabine Warm Up the Official Elizabeth Sabine vocal warmup is for people who have studied vocal coach Elizabeth Sabine’s voice strengthening techniques. There is no explanation on this audio. This is the warmup she takes her students through during private lessons. If you are not familiar with the Sabine techniques, please purchase the ebook Strengthening Your Singing Voice before practicing along with this audio.
Buy The Official Elizabeth Sabine Warm Up

The Sabine Rock Voice : vocal coach Elizabeth Sabine reveals the secrets of her incredible voice strengthening techniques as taught to the singers of bands such as “GIANT”, “LOVE / HATE”, “MALICE”, “GUNS ‘N’ ROSES”, “38 SPECIAL”, “STRYPER”, “KEEL” with special thanks to Ron Keel, David Gabriel, Mark Johnson, Nijole Sparkis, John Simon, Robert Longly, Steve Meyers, Jeff Janning, Wayne Pierce and many others.
The Sabine Rock Voice

Sabine’s Secrets of Voice Strengthening renowned vocal coach Elizabeth Sabine discusses her secrets for voice strengthening and shows the student how to turn the body into an amplifier. She has conducted countless classes on strengthening the speaking voice at UCLA and had taught voice at the Lee Strasberg Theater Institute for over a decade.
Sabine’s Secrets of Voice Strengthening

Unleash The Passion In Your Singing Voice renowned vocal coach Elizabeth Sabine discusses the secrets to releasing passion, which ignites the power behind a phenomenal voice
Unleash The Passion In Your Singing Voice

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