Vibrato – Warble or Not!

Everyone is born with a ‘natural vibrato’ which by using the voice freely and practicing vocal exercises gradually improves the strength and control of their voice and subsequently the vibrato over a period of time, (it can take years!), however, some singers seem to have ‘pure’ voices with no ‘vibrato’. ┬áThis is not always a ‘bad’ thing – some singers choose to use a clear tone as the most effective for a passage in a song or when performing a certain style of music. It is unusual for a singer not to have any natural vibrato in the voice and may indicate bad singing habits, incorrect breathing or posture problems.

So what is ‘Vibrato?’ – The dictionary term is ‘Effect like Tremelo in Singing and playing an Instrument’ but the sound produced is more similar to a ‘warble’ that a canary makes. When singing a note the voice appears to ‘tremble’ between notes creating the vibrato effect. ┬áThis is a natural occurrence in the voice which will improve with training and practice.

If you are having problems achieving vibrato whilst singing here are a few tips to practice:

  1. Ensure your breathing is correct
  2. Improve your posture
  3. Hang your head and completely relax your neck, throat, facial muscles & mouth
  4. In this position sing a gentle Ooooooooaaaaah
  5. Practice your vowels & constonants
  6. Practice yawning whilst singing a note
  7. Practice holding a long note
  8. Practice singing ‘trills’ (a note performed in rapid alteration with the note above it).
  9. Go to a SINGING Teacher or VOCAL Coach!!

It is impossible to teach singing without interacting with the pupil which enables the teacher to listen and correct any faults or bad habits that are preventing the singer from achieving their potential – Don’t get stuck with bad habits – find a tutor who can identify your faults and help you correct them!!