Vocal Health Links

There are a host of singers and musicians health organisations, non-profit groups and articles on the internet available to all.  Our collection covers practically everything and we will be adding to it as & when we can. Some articles cover areas like drugs and sex so parental guidance is advised. If you have written an article or are involved in vocal health and education, contact us with the details for addition to this section. All links open in a new window.


Anatomy of the Larynx
Overview with diagrams from the University of Pittsberg Voice Center.

Anatomy of the Spine
Diagrams and description presented by the Universitey of Maryland Medical Center, includes details on the structure of the disc.

Anatomy Modules – TMJ Tutorial
The University of Washington Dept. of Radiology presents the Termporomandibular Joint, includes QuickTime movies, descriptions and diagrams including computed tomography and magnetic resonance pictures of the TMJ.

Anatomy Tables
the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences details every bone, its structure and a medical description of those structures plus nerves, veins and everything else that makes it all work in their Bones Table and include a range of tables for other parts of the body.

Emory University’s Human Anatomy Course
An explaination of the Pharynx and Larynx with diagrams of the structures of the throat and how movement affects the vocal chords.

La Voix
French site (no english) has some excellent diagrams of the larynx, respitory, hearing and resonation systems of the body.


Clearing Your Throat: Common Causes and Treatments for Hoarseness
Beyond the common cold, people experience hoarseness from a variety of causes. In this video Edward Damrose, MD, Director of the Stanford Voice Center, discusses some of these causes, and treatments that address these problems.

Electroglottography – EGG
A study of EEG as a non-invasive method of investigating laryngeal behaviour. Provides information about glottal activity with computer supported signal description used for the automatic determination of voice quality and in laryngeal settings for linguistic purposes. There are sections on initiation, phonation, airflow, vocal fold vibration, pitch accent and other interesting facets of the voice. Includes Supralaryngeal and muscular tension settings soundfiles of various tensions (ie. protruded jaw, etc.)

Health & Fitness Center – Sportsbreather
Breathing trainer for asthmatics, athletes, or anyone needing to increase lung endurance. The Sports Breather is a device for breathing training and to help increase breathing and lung endurance.

International Breath Institute
Includes a range of articles on breathing in relation to music and stress.

Larynx, Voice Box and Cancer, Polyps, Nodules and Paralysis Videos
Selection of videos showing healthy and unhealthy views and conditions of the voice box (Larynx).

Mini Relaxation Exercises
Focused breathing techniques which help reduce anxiety and tension immediately by Ann Webster, Ph.D., Director, The Mind-Body Medical Clinic for HIV-Positive and AIDS Related Disorders.

Optimal Breathing
Work on problem voices, rapid breathing development, increasing vocal strength and range.  Also has an excellent Animated Diagram which demonstrates the correct method of breathing by inflating the diaphram from the lower abdomen up to the chest.  The site concentrates on everything to do with ‘Breathing’ its worth taking a look just to have a practise along with the diagram!!

Saskatchewan Lung Association
information on the lungs and the process of breathing with advice for those who wish to quit smoking.

a gentle, effective, method of nasal irrigation for adults and children who suffer from sinus and nasal problems without using drugs, additives or preservatives.

The Human Respiratory System
Provides an easy to understand explaination of breathing and respiration, transportation of gas through the body, control of breathing and structure of the respitory system complete with diagrams from Clarenville High School.


4 Reasons Why Ear Plugs Will Improve Your Voice
Article on singing with ear plugs.

Advanced Communication Solutions
UK company that are providers of tailor made and custom fitted hearing protection devices for musicians and others searching for solutions to aid in minimising the effect of tinnitus and prevent hearing loss.

BUPA Hearing Loss Fact Sheet
Includes an overview of how the ear works, symptoms, causes, diagnosis and treatment of hearing loss.

Common Misconceptions about Sound and Hearing
Article by Marek Roland-Mieszkowski, M. Sc., Ph.D.

Digital DIY – Protecting Your Hearing
A word in your ear by Clive Williamson (Sound on Sound writer).

Discussion on Hearing Protection
Interesting chat on using hearing protection at NineHertz.

Does Choir Singing Cause Noise Induced Hearing Loss
Article by M. Steurer, S. Simak, D.M. Denk and M. Kautzky from the Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery, General Hospital Vienna, University of Vienna Medical School, Austria.

Excessive Noise Levels
FAQ by Douglas Yeo (bass trombonist, Boston Symphony Orchestra) on excessive noise levels on stage

Hearing Impairment
This article at Wikipedia includes information on the classification, causes, management, prevention and treatments for hearing loss.

Hearing Loss and Singing
Interesting thread at Viva Voice forum for singers at The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music website.

Hearing Loss Anecdotes
A collection of anecdotes from singers and musicians who have suffered with hearing loss from Say What Club Online Voices.

Hearing Loss and Hearing Impairment among Baby Boomers
This article provides information on well known actors, musicians and singers like Barbra Streisand who suffer with hearing loss and/or impairment.

Hearing Losses – Cause & Effect
Article by David Clark provides information on how the hearing system works, the functions it affects, why we like it loud, causes of hearing damage, defense mechanisms, effects of hearing loss and follows up with damage prevention and other issues.

A non-profit hearing and information source for musicians and music lovers provides hearing education and awareness for Rockers plus earphone, earplug, hearing aid, hearing health and tinnitus product manufacturers, health organisations and other resources.

HSE – Noise: Hearing Protection
Information on when and how hearing protection should be used by the Health and Safety Executive.

In Ear Monitoring for Live Vocals
Useful thread on this subject at the GearSlutz forum.

Information on hearing impairment and loss
Includes tips and advice on how to avoid hearing loss.

Loud Music and Hearing Damage
Interesting selection of articles on hearing loss in relation to musicians at Abelard public education site.

On Stage Monitoring
Comprehensive article by Gavin Harrison of Sound on Sound magazine.

Royal National Institute for Deaf People provides information for tinnitus sufferers, hard of hearing and deaf people. Their site includes a searchable directory of uk services and a host of free factsheets and leaflets on all aspects of hearing loss, tinnitus and deafness available for download.

The Elements of Acoustics and Psychoacoustics
provides an interesting insight into sound, its production and how we hear it which includes a diagram and explainations of the working of the ear provided by Leeds University.

The Journal of Singing
produced ty the National Association of Teachers of Singing includes articles on a wide range of subjects including hearing loss.

Vocal Acoustics in the Theater
Article discusses why it is important to practice singing in a larger space and why some smaller voiced singers can sound larger in the theatre than larger voiced singers, written by David L. Jones.

X-Factor Talk
Includes a thread on the forum about the contestants wearing in ear monitors.


The following are direct links to pages provided by the variety of organisations provided further down the page. If the page is no longer available, visit the main sites and look for their medical or voice pages.

An Evaluation of Video Laryngeal Endoscopy with Patients with Voice Disorders (RCTC69LG)
Research article by Dr Paul Carding available at the Department of Health Research Findings Register. (ReFeR)

Bowing of the vocal cords (pic) by James P. Thomas, MD and other vocal cord photos available at VoiceDoctor.

Contact Granulomas
Vocal cord granuloma, contact pachydermia, pyogenic granuloma article by James D. Garnett MD provides information on these benign lesions including recognition, causes, symptoms, diagnostic procedures, tests and treatments plus photographic examples.

Free Medical Journals
provides free access to the many medical journals that are being made available online.

Guide to Vocology
Article in .pdf format from NATS includes descriptions of each condition including Common Conditions affecting Voice plus an overview of a variety of voice therapy programs.

John Hopkins Medicine
site includes information and images including the aging larynx, laryngeal cancer, laryngitis, laryngoscopic views of laryngeal tumors, contact granuloma, contact ulcer, polyps and other voice and vocal fold disorders.

Medical Dictionary
Free downloadable medical dictonary produced as a quick reliable reference tool as part of eGranary Digital Library created at The University of Iowa, that aims to improve digital communication and access to information for students and scholars in developing countries.

Voice Foundation
includes articles on voice disorders, symptoms and treatment.

General Vocal Health

Aspects of Voice Quality
Display, Measurement and Therapy in .pdf format by Eva Carlson and David Miller

Andrew Massey
provides articles relating to voice disorders, healing sound and music.

British Association for Performing Arts Medicine
Provides information and a helpline for free advice.

Journey of the Voice
Provides information on the process of speech and singing complete with diagrams which include respiration, Support system for the voice (framework) with diagrams of spine, ribs, strenum, and pelvis, phonation, resonation, articlation and care of the voice by Eric Armstrong.

Do’s & Dont’s for a Healthy Voice
article by Dr. Yagoda available at Singers UK

Ear Nose and Throat Journal Website
Contains the most recent peer-reviewed original clinical articles and case reports in otolaryngology – head and neck medicine provided by Washington University

Evaluating Hoarseness
Keeping your patient’s voice healthy by Clark A. Rosen, M.D., Deborah Anderson, M.D. and Thomas Murry, Ph.D. provides tables of common causes, differential diagnosis, anatomical diagrams, explainations, history, example cases, associated surgical procedures and methods of easing vocal abuse.

Guidelines for Singers: Do’s & Don’ts
University of Pittsburgh Voice Center provides a list of vocal hygiene tips for singers which apply to all voice users.

Article by singing teacher to the stars ‘Tona de Brett’.

Laryngeal Conservation Surgery
Slide presentation by Elizabeth J. Franzmann and MD Jarrard Goodwin, MD from the University of Miami Department of Otolaryngology intended for use by doctors and other health care professionals.

L’Atelier du Chanteur’s Singers FAQ
extensive Singers Health FAQ.

Med Help International
The Virtual Medical Center for Patients is a collection of information and professional medical support gathered from the best medical organizations and experts in the world. It is composed of a comprehensive, Consumer Health Information Library plus Question & Answer Medical Specialty Forums, which give patients the ability to ask questions to leading physicians and healthcare professionals.

Medical Issues For Performers

Music Biz Advice
Includes articles on voice and the music business including After Show Voice Care, Care of the Voice While Traveling, Common Voice Problems, Common Voice Problems & Causes & Management’s Role, Effects of Acid Reflux on the Voice, and Eating on the Road, Effects of Alcohol & Drugs on the Voice, Effects of Heroin on the Voice & Heart, and a Graphic Description of Open Heart Surgery Caused by Heroin, Effects of Various Drugs on the Voice, Effects of Smoke & Stage Smoke or Fog Machines on the Voice, Singing in the Wrong Pitch, Drug Use in the Music Industry, Expanding the Range of the Voice & Effects of Nasal Surgery on the Voice, Keeping the Vocal Cords Hydrated, Monitors and Vocal Problems, More on Hydration, Voice Care for Singers with Allergies & Asthma, Post-Show Vocal Care, Range, Resonance, and Sound of the Voice, Reflux Laryngitis & Food on Show Days, Side Effects of Steroids, Symptoms & Treatments for Common Voice Problems, & Vocal Rest, Symptoms of Throat Problems, Voice Care & Effects of Caffeine, Coffee, Lemon, Dairy & Nuts, Voice Care on the Road: Long Tours, Lozenges, & Hydration, Voice Quality and Success in the Music Industry by David M. Alessi, MD and laryngologist Martin Hopp, MD

Musician’s Health
explanation of musician’s injuries, along with guidelines regarding injury prevention.

Musicians and Injuries
guidelines and tips as well as related links, books, and tapes.

Psychogenic voice disorders
Brief glossary by Alexander Massey (Free Your Voice), includes useful reading list relating to the psychology of voice.

Singing On Prescription?
Singing is good for your heart and National charity, Heart Research UK wants to get everyone singing during December! Article includes information on studies that have proven singing provides health benefits.

Sound Feelings Publishing
We are music, health and education audio and book publishers specialising in music medicine, music instruction, weight loss, and alternative therapies. We offer many free and helpful tips on various topics including revolutionary free tips and information on music healing, music instruction, weight loss, studying, and stuttering. Special secrets, tricks and solutions are helpful specifically for learning to use music for transformation and healing, for music sight-reading, for non-diet weight-loss, for learning how to learn, and for attaining fluent speech. 11 helpful free tips show how to listen to music for transformation and healing, 10 free non-diet tips for permanent weight-loss, The 7 myths that prevent permanent weight-loss, Two free secrets help stop stuttering, Simple secret reduces wrist pain in computer users, 11 free tips improve studying results, Five free tips help release anger, Nine easy tips increase hand warmth, Music healing sound samples, Original songs and compositions samples, Free Music Instruction Tips, Pianists’ pain-prevention tips, Ten amazing free secrets improve sight-reading, Easy chord construction formulas, Nine easy tips increase hand warmth

Speech Production
Basic Notes on speech production, anatomy & acoustics including diagrams pertaining to vocal anatomy and acoustics

Stuttering Science & Therapy Website
contains information, advice, links, faq, books, therapy devices and penpals with versions available in english, spanish, french, dutch, italian and polish.

Vocal Health
protecting and preserving the singers voice by Sally McKee, M.A., CCC at Texas Sings.

Vocal Survival Techniques
for Singers who Abuse and Overuse Their Voices by Rosalie Loeding.

Voice Problem
Information, encouragement and next steps on how to deal with a wide range of voice conditions. Provided by the Watergate Voice Foundation, a non-profit educational foundation whose purpose is to support patients with voice disorders.

Voice Strain in Children
Signs, symptoms, causes and risk factors article by Caroline Bowen PhD., whose site includes articles, resources and links to related sites for Speech-Language Pathologists, Clinicians and Therapists.

Health Organizations & Resources

A.I duPont Hospital for Children and the University of Delaware
Speech Research Lab, Basic and applied research in the areas of Speech Science and Technology.

American Lung Association
As well as covering the latest news on smoking policies and sponsored events, the ALA provides information about Asthma, Tobacco issues, Smoking cessation, Air Quality and features a Lung Disease A to Z.

Arts Medicine
The European Association “Medecine des Arts”

Baylor University
The Bobby R. Alford Department of Ortorhinolaryngology and Communicative Sciences website contains articles intended for use by doctors and other health care professionals on Cartilaginous Lesions of the Larynx, Caustic Ingestion in Children, Cysts of the Larynx, Otolaryngologic Manifestations of Gastroesophageal Reflux, Laryngo-Tracheo-Bronchial Foreign Bodies, Foreign Body Aspiration, Laryngeal Transplantation, Medialization Thyroplasty, A Closer Look at Percutaneous Tracheotomy, Spasmodic Dysphonia, Stomal Recurrence, Subglottic Stenosis In The Adult, Blunt Trauma to the Larynx, Benign Tracheal Stenosis, Complications of Tracheotomy, Bilateral Vocal Cord Paralysis in Children, Assessment of Voice

British Performing Arts Medicine Trust
A charity that provides a telephone Helpline and free medical assessment at our own clinics for performers.

The Canadian Forum on Arts and Health
allows performing artists and health professionals to keep informed of research and health services for artists.

Hearing Education and Awareness for Rockers

International Arts Medicine Association
a forum for interdisciplinary, international communication between arts and health professionals.

Johns Hopkins University
The Center for Laryngeal and Voice Disorders at Johns Hopkins is dedicated exclusively to the diagnosis, treatment and management of laryngeal and voice disorders. The site contains a section discussing the symptoms, etiology, and treatment for some of the more common laryngeal disorders including Laryngitis, Spasmodic Dyphonia, Vocal Fold Motion Impairment, Polyps, Vocal Fold Nodules and Cysts, Contact Granuloma/Contact Ulcer, Laryngeal Cancer, The Aging Larynx

Comprehensive UK Health Information.

Medical Issues For Performers

Musician’s Health
explanation of musician’s injuries, along with guidelines regarding injury prevention.

National Center for Voice and Speech
The NCVS aims to protect, rehabilitate and enhance voice and speech. Site contains vocal health resources and links to voice sites.

Northwestern University
The Center for Voice at Northwestern University is an interdisciplinary collaboration between the Department of Otolaryngology – Head & Neck Surgery and the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders. The site contains a selection of articles including How the Larynx (Voice Box) Works, Laryngitis from Reflux: Prevention for the Performing Singer, Benign Vocal Lesions – Nodules, Polyps and Cysts, Spasmodic Dysphonia, Vocal Habits, Medications that May Affect the Voice, Vocal Fold Histology, Hoarseness Prevention and Treatment Tips, Post-Nasal Drip, Ready to Quit Smoking?, Sore Throats: Causes and Cures and Swallowing Disorders.

A network of 200+ ENT’s and allergists.

Sinus Care Center of Jackson
Provides exclusive computer images of sinus anatomy, a selection of Ear, Nose and Throat related patient information plus detailed recommendations for the diagnosis and treatment of sinus and nasal disease from respected sources.

Society of Singers
nonprofit charity that helps professional vocalists, worldwide, in times of crisis.

The Performing Arts Medicine Association
organization of physicians and other allied professionals dedicated to improving the health care and treatment of performing artists through education, research, and teaching.

The VoiceCare Network
nonprofit educational organization providing lifespan voice education for choral conductors, music educators, church musicians, singing teachers, singers and speech pathologists.

The Voice Foundation
is an organization dedicated to solving voice problems by funding research, promoting public education and raising the professional level of voice care, The site also contains free articles and several videos on voice related subjects available for purchase and download.

University of Miami School of Medicine / Jackson Memorial Medical Center
Site contains several medically related articles in PowerPoint format intended for use by doctors and other health care professionals, information on latest research areas, services, education and patient care.

University of Pittsburgh Voice Center
Site includes several voice related articles including Anatomy of the Larynx.

Exercises, Medications and Therapies

The Complete Guide to the Alexander Techique

Alexander Technique
collection of Internet resources regarding the Alexander Technique

Alkalol Company
Providers of saline-based mucus solvent and cleaner that can be used as a nasal wash, oral rinse, or throat gargle

Carpel Tunnel
“Heal Thyself Series” by BodymindResources.com.

Entertainers Secret Throat Relief Spray
spray formulated to resemble natural mucosal secretions and designed to moisturize, humidify and lubricate the mucous membranes of the throat and larynx.

Frequently Prescribed Medications
Effects on Voice and Speech.

Feldenkrais Guild of North America
the professional organization of practitioners and teachers of the Feldenkrais Method.

The Feldenkrais Method
articles, workshops, books and tapes.

Healing With Water
Contrast Bath Hydrotherapy

Pedro de Alcantara
Musician, teacher and author of Indirect Procedures: A Musician’s Guide to the Alexander Technique. Website contains book excerpts, original articles and essays, news of seminars and workshops and links to pages of interest to musicians, fellow Alexander teachers and laypeople.

The Pilates Studio
popular system of body conditioning.

Herbal “digestive aid” called Reflux-eze. Brought to you by the same manufacturers of the most popular vocal spray, Vocal Eze, they heard the complaints of heart-burn sufferers and took action!

Society of Singers
nonprofit charity that helps professional vocalists, worldwide, in times of crisis.

Tendinitis Problems Of Musicians
Identification, Prevention, Treatment

Slippery Elm Lozenges are a natural remedy used by singers to soothe inflamed mucous membranes in the mouth and throat.

Vocalzone (uk html site)
throat pastille. Recommended for relief of irritations due to excessive speaking, singing (professional, amateur or karaoke) or smoking and aid in soothing dry irritated throats.  The website allows direct ordering by credit card.

Vocal Health Care Kit
This vocal health kit contains everything a singer needs and makes a great gift from supporters of their dream!

The Voice Care Network (UK)
Voice care aim to help people to keep their voices healthy and to communicate effectively.  They provide specialist voice workshops and coaching to introduce voice care, extend the efficient use of the voice, to manage acoustics effectively and to be aware of how clarity in delivery and vocal tone affect listening.

The VoiceCare Network
Non-profit US educational organization providing lifespan voice education for choral conductors, music educators, church musicians, singing teachers, singers and speech pathologists.


Health Scout
A French-language journal, whose title translates to _Contraception, Fertility and Sexuality_, recommends that women singers give serious consideration to taking estrogen. The hormone replacement therapy probably will prevent “postmenopausal voice syndrome.”

deals with all aspects of Hysterectomy including affect on voice.

Provides information, resources and discussion on all aspects of pregnancy and raising children for singing mums.