Vocal & Singing Related Sites

The following sites are all singer orientated. Some contain lessons and articles, many of which can be found listed in relevent sections of the Vocalist.org.uk site. Also browse the Organisations and Associations and Magazine sections. This list is constantly updated and many of the sites below are listed in our Articles sections.

Fab Sites

International mailing list, discussion group and free resource for singers and singing teachers. The site in its new incarnation is currently in the process of transferring the old vocalist-temp archives which are packed with tips and advice to and by singers, vocal educators, professors and doctors.

L’Atelier du Chanteur
Packed with singing exercises and vocal pedagogy articles, this is an excellent site, albeit mainly in French. The exercises have animated diagrams so if you don’t understand the lingo, the animated demonstration gives the general idea. Most of the articles are in English.

Rock Vocalist
Russian site for singers which includes teaching materials, articles, interviews, pictures, vocal theory and other useful information for Russian speaking singers. The site is pretty comprehensive and worth a look – if you cannot read russian Click Here for translation to English.

Singing Voice
Excellent resource contains a wealth of information for singers and teachers including anatomy, castrati, health, history, musicals, nats chats, opera, pedagogy, terminology and links.

The Jazz Site
Tons of jazz and singing related information and a messageboard/forum for jazz singers & musicians.

Vocalist Collective
New Zealand professional vocalists collective magazine provides articles for singers, forum and NZ singing teachers listings.

Site for professional and semi-professional singers in the Netherlands. Most of the site is written in dutch and contains links to hundreds of singers. We don’t speak the lingo so couldn’t understand the text parts but theres a lot on this site and many of the links are in english.

Voice Council
New website created by TC Helicon to support singers and users of their revolutionary voice forum for readers that involves some of the world’s top vocal instructors, plus, you’ll also find articles, video tutorials, performance clips, artist user statements, presets for your VOICELIVE, products and services related to voice technique and technology processor, VOICELIVE

Acapella & Barbershop

Acappella Foundation
site provides educational & informative articles, essays, samples, instructional videos for all levels, streaming video’s of acappella artists and more.

British Association of Barbershop Singing

Gregorian Chant Home Page
provides links to other chant research sites, medieval music theory sites, resources for chant performance and other helpful sites from Princetown University.

Provides webspace for barbershop singers with over 300 groups now available from this site.

Primarily A Cappella
a site for lovers of unaccompanied singing, includes radio station, who’s who, song search, title list, reviews for thousands of recordings in a range of styles, songbooks, egroup listings, arrangers and their own A Cappella Recording Company plus a whole lot more!

Sweet Adelines International
An organisation for women who sing four-part acappella music in the barbershop style. Includes discussion groups, forum, singing tips, competitions and information on the group.


Backstage Online US
Complete performing arts resource providing casting resources, audition notices, talent and crew job listings, features, news, columns, showguide and related information for Broadway, Chicago & Florida.

US On-line Cabaret Resource for regularly updated cabaret events around the world, and other cabaret and music resources. Site contains a list of artists, venues and events in the USA.

Cabaret Hotline Online
Online cabaret newsletter which provides news from around the world, articles including ‘Getting started in Cabaret, Choosing a Musical Director, When your in the Audience, When to hire a Publicist, Building your own Press Kit, Building a following, building an audience, The art of the Small Gesture, Common mistakes to Avoid and Making that Cabaret CD’ plus a host of links to cabaret related websites.

Cabaret Performance Workshops
Information on these workshops run by Helen Baldassare in New York, USA.

Cabaret Scenes Magazine
Promotes performers and cabarets with news and reviews.

Cabaret Showcase UK
The Cabaret Singers Website is an online resource for cabaret singers which provides links to cabaret singers, track reviews, articles and mailing list. The purpose of the site is to promote a wider appreciation of the work of singers currently working in the ‘cabaret’ genre of singing, this means singers who perform in small /intimate venues where the main purpose of the show is communication with the audience.

Chicago Cabaret Professionals
An alliance of performers and advocates of the art form of cabaret based in Chicago, USA who exist to promote the art of cabaret by educating presenters, the media and the public at large; to encourage the development of venues and audiences; and to establish professional standards for performance conditions.

City Cabaret
Online magazine for music lovers contains features, cabaret library, upcoming and favourite artists and cabaret links.

Culture Vulture
Provides listings of theatre shows, touring shows and cabaret in the USA, UK and Eire.

Mabel Mercer Foundation
Non-profit arts organization preserving and promoting cabaret artists. Information on performers plus sponsoring performances and broadcasts are just two of the ways that they support cabaret artists. Also host an annual Cabaret Convention in New York.

Musical Theatre
Theatrical information and links to a wide variety of related sites, theatres and resources for amateur and professional singers, actor/actresses and musicians available at Electric Blues Club. Also check out the classical and jazz sections.

Talkin’ Broadway Cabaret Pages
Provides featured interviews with emerging and established cabaret artists.

Charitable Groups

Aiding singers in need or provide services to people with disabilities.

Johnny Mercer Foundation USA
Their mission is to preserve and celebrate the Great American Songbook in the tradition of Johnny Mercer through introducing school kids to the songbook, honoring contemporary songwriters, teaching the bline to read music and other projects.

Music Maker Relief Foundation, Inc is a USA nonprofit organization dedicated to helping the true pioneers and forgotton heroes of Southern musical traditions gain recognition and meet their day to day needs. Keeping the bluest of the blues alive.

Society of Singers USA
The Society of Singers is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that was established in 1984 to aid professional singers who face financial, medical, family or other crises


Cambiata Vocal Music Institute of America
Site with articles on two basic approaches on teaching boys whose voices are changing which includes information on different ways boys voices change and tips on choosing music for adolescents aimed at the choral community and voice teachers.

The internet center for Choral Music, aims to be a centeralised resource and portal where choral musicians can go to find information.  With 3000+ links to other choral music and related fields worldwide. It is an officially sanctioned activity of the International Federation for Choral Music. The site provides repertoire lists and ideas, composer listings, rehearsal tips from worldwide contributors, choralnet job board, choral warmups and other articles and resources. Available in English, Deutsch, Espanol and Francais.

This extensive choral resource provides searchable directories of uk choirs, choral concerts and other choral music resources including a choral sheet music hire/borrow service.

International database of choral repertoire plus a pedagogic tool for conductors, musicologists, music schools, federations and anyone wanting to know about choral music repertoire.

The Tuning Fork
A newsletter for the Orthodox Church Singer.


A Singer’s Guide to the Well-Trained and Powerful Voice
by Cheryl Hodge gives an insight into the book with do’s and dont’s, vocal health and other issues for singers.

All About Singers
Site provided by US professional singer/songwriter, singing consultant, columnist & inspirational speaker Barbara Lewis. Contains hot tips archive with articles on singing and the music business plus details of her seminars, workshops and vocal consultancy services for singers in Montreal, Canada.

Anthony Winter’s Voice Studio
is based in Sydney, Australia and has several online lessons which include exercises including Breath Support, Opening the Throat, Articulation of clear vowels, Phrasing, Training the Ear, Comparison of music styles, Broadway Belt, Jazz Training, Microphone Technique, Developing Ring in the voice, Building a career and other articles.

School of Voice Production has a few basic introductions on ventilation, the diaphragm and singing for beginners

Brian Gilbertson
Australian teacher provides a weekly singing tip on all aspects of singing with printable archived tips available online.

Cantabile Subito
A site for collectors of great singers of the past! Growing selection of information on a wide range of historical singers and singing teachers including mp3 examples.

Cari Cole Voice Studio
provides a monthly article on singing technique.

Castrati – brief history of the castrati.

Castrati – all you want to know – What castrati are (or were!).

Catherine’s Singing and Art History Page
Articles for beginners on choosing a teacher, voice and music type, skills etc.

Children’s Music Web
Childrens Music Site – Fun & Educational.

Christian Musician
has a range of tutorials and lessons plus articles in the Vocal Coach’s Corner covering various aspects of singing and performance i.e. Accompaniment or Backing Tracks, forgetting words, staying healthy, updating your vocal style, considering a vocal coach, the larynx and other articles.

Classical Vocal Technique
from Standing Stones covers classical singing and vibrato related topics in music and singing including 19th century voice teacher Mrs Alverson discusses vibrato.

Connecting Voices
Resources, links, articles for the non classical singer

Counter Tenor Technique at Counter Tenor UK

Daring Diva
includes links to singing and singing related sources, singers forum, books and other resources.

Dwayne’s Singing Page
Site has several lessons and information on singing

An excellent site providing articles and information for singers, actors, dancers and other performers.

Edie Layland
provides some online lessons including breath support, vibrato, improvisation, working with rock musicians and registration.

Excite Directory
vocal courses and lessons sites

Functional Singing – Historic Bel Canto Method
This blog provided by Silver Voice Studio includes useful articles and advice on aspects of singing.

Gayaki – Indian Vocal Music
Discussion of Indian Vocal Music

Good Rich Vocal
Speech Level Singing Studio in USA has text lessons with correct and incorrect audio examples (needs RealPlayer) plus Q & A from Seth Riggs and info on workshops & masterclasses.

How To Sing: A logical guide
Attempts to outline a logical sequence of exercises you can try in order to ‘train’ your voice and prepare a song for performance.

International Breath Institute
Transform Breathing, evaluate your breathing and find more breathing exercises. (site currently being redesigned so exercises unavailable).

Guide of Musical Composition
Composers resource.

Harmony How To
tips and advice on staying in tune aimed at barbershop singers and directors from The Harmonizer Magazine the official publication of the Barbershop Harmony Society (US). Regular singing articles posted online.

Health & Fitness Center – Sportsbreather
Breathing trainer for asthmatics, athletes, or anyone needing to increase lung endurance. The Sports Breather is a device for breathing training and to help increase breathing and lung endurance.

How to Throat Sing
this site provides instructions on elementary throat singing (the eastern art of singing). Includes shape of the mouth, location of the tip of the tongue, the mouth as a resonator, a small vent hole, the volume of the resonator, vocalization plus hints and tips in english with a japanese version also available.

James Lugo’s Vocal Asylum
L.A. singer and vocal coach James Lugo’s site contains a page of vocal questions and answers for rock singers plus pictures, music and touring information.

Jazz Singers Network
Provides information and resources for Jazz singers including singers calendar, messageboard, New York and Chicago music scene, jam sessions, clubs and concert halls, jazz insights, american poppular song, gig & tour schedules, singers sites and related links.

Jerome Barry’s – Voice Quality Enhancement
site has a free ‘advice of the week’ section which provides a couple of short tips on singing updated weekly.

Just for Vocalists
links for vocal resources at About.com

Kashu-Do – The Way of the Singer
Discussion on vocal techniques

La Voix
French site (no english) has some excellent diagrams of the larynx, respitory, hearing and resonation systems of the body.

LoVetri Post
Thoughts on vocal pedagogy and meeting the needs of contemporary commercial music (CCM).

Manjiree’s Musical Lahari
Includes overview and tips on yoga as it applies to singing and the voice.

Miasha’s Vocal Pedagogy
includes information on the voice mechanism, relaxation, posture, breath, praticing tips, tips on singing and vocal health.

Music Connection
USA online magazine has free singing lessons with audio examples

Music Education Online
Comprehensive resource for Music Education & Educators.

Music Hall
Music Education Resources for Teachers and Students.

Singing Section (access to articles is by free signup only) lessons include Singing Chords, warming up exercises, singing legato technique, singing the C Major Scale, singing with chords, songwriting lessons

Natural Singing
Natural Singing has produced an affordable DVD of six professional video singing lessons for the Beginner and Actor (1hour & 47 minutes of video tuition) with a fly-on-the-wall feeling when you watch the DVD by John Oxley

Observations on the Technique of Italian Singing
from the 16th Century to the Present Day by Antonella Nigro available in English and Italian. Print off from the book Celebri Ari Antiche (Famous Ancient Arias).

Robert Marks
provides several articles including audition tips, inspiration, selecting songs, kids agents/managers and vocal health.

Saskatchewan Lung Association
information on the lungs and the process of breathing with advice for those who wish to quit smoking.

Seaway Sounds Sweet Adelines
5 FREE VOCAL LESSONS Learn to sing four-part harmony barbershop style! Seaway Sounds Chorus of Sweet Adelines International offers five free vocal lessons, presented in a fun and informative manner.

Sennheiser’s Vocal Workshop
Provides online articles and advice for singers on how the voice works with accompanying audio mp3 examples

Sharp Shooters
from VocalEase the practical magazine for choral teachers discusses pitch and vocal tension with tips on improvement. Site also contains music reviews, classroom tips and a variety of other singing related articles.

Singing Zone
by Ken Burton has a series of Q & A on various aspects of singing.

The Singers Resource Site
Contains an online version of the International Phonetic Alphabet, a description of the larynx with diagrams, vocal tips, example practice schedule and warm ups.

So You Want To Sing
provides a listing of teachers and classes in the Bay Area (USA) plus links to accompaniment sites, tips on performance at open mic or karaoke nights, venue listings, singers exchange, forum and links to singing sites.

Taking Care of the Voice
article from Jay Williams Choral Press.

Tamara Long
Small selection of singing tips and exercises online from teacher/coach who hosts Broadway Sound of Belting seminars.

The Feldenkrais Method for Singers by John Hall.

The Alchemy Programme
Dr Meribeth Bunch Dayme director of The Alchemy Programme, is a well-known authority on singing and the human voice, a performance coach, masterclass leader, speaker and author. A former university professor of singing and anatomy, the site provides products and information for singers plus details of her workshops and other services.

The Singing Realm
Contains articles on basic anatomy, breath management for singing, vocal fold formation, larynx height, keeping the vocal folds clean, singing with a cold, Vocal Q & A, the importance of proper vocal fold adduction, vocal dictionary, vowel modification and voice recognition.

The Singing Spot
Home of the Singing is Easy foundation course for singers by Yvonne deBandi. Also check out her new site featuring free online articles, tips and lessons plus all her products for singers at http://singsmart.com

The Singing Voice
is packed full of information for singers on the history of singing, terminology and tons of other interesting features. (Site link dead on last check – May 2007).

The Singing Voice
Not the same as the site above but offers some articles on singing and the voice with diagrams.

The Singers Workshop
Provides news, humour, products and info for pop singers. Run by vocal coach Lis Lewis, who provides online tutorials and Angel City Voice the online newsletter for the Pro Singer.

The Ultimate Voice Training For Singers – Vocal Tips
Billy Purnell provides you with an ever-changing variety of vocal tips for today’s singers. Billy, a Seth Riggs associate, is one of California’s leading vocal technique teachers.

Tips on Popular Singing
By Frank Sinatra and John Quinlan includes breathing, care of the throat, mouth positions and 16 vocalise exercises available at the Jazz Singers Network site.

The Voice House
is the net home of vocal coach Roger D. Beale. There are a few articles available including choosing a vocal coach, 7 ways to sing better with less practice and cold weather is here, the show must go on. The lesson section is currently empty but additions are expected in the future.

The Voice Studio
Jeannie Deva provides free online lessons on range, pitch and other singing related subjects.

Throat Singing
interesting thread explaining the difference between various types of eastern throat singing techniques.

Tona de Brett has several articles on her site, including choosing a teacher, breathing exercies, health, interpretation, live performance, vocal points and singing in a recording studio.

Traditional Gaelic Singing
Article by Craig Cockburn providing and explainations, hints and examples on rendition and style.

Trinity College
Links to singing sites and resources to improve singing and vocal technique from P.L. Duffy Resource Centre, Trinity College, Western Australia.

University of Texas
click on “Texas Sings” for singing lessons and information from this online singers newsletter.

Using MIDI Live by Intermusic

Virginia Tech Multimedia Music Dictionary
contains A-Z list of musical terms complete with AIFF files associated with them (Quick Time required). The musical examples are from the 4 CD Norton Musical Example Bank which requires the correct CD to be in your CD-Rom Drive or CDLink software. There are also several quizzes & simulations that require Shockwave to use.

Vocal Coach’s Corner
The Quick and the Easy – article by Roger Beale talks about vocal tension and how to eliminate it.

Vocal Images
Online magazine for singers includes articles on singing and technique based on the work of Dr. Alfred Tomatis plus US events, workshops etc., plus singers can submit their cds to be included in their catalogue.

Voice Makers, Voice Tuition
Singing lessons, voice tuition. Maxeen’s web site.

Vocal Studio
Objectives – To teach proper breathing and technique, without changing a singer’s style or sound. To teach habits to relieve vocal strain. – To teach microphone technique. – To teach exercises designed to increase vocal range

Vocal Wisdom
has a selection of articles on singing and a Q & A section.

Voice Over Answers & Guidance
from the Edge Voice Over Studio (USA)

Voice Performance
site by Shirlee Emmons on performance and technique.

Provides information and links to interesting and educational resources available on the internet including music and singing related lessons, articles and products.

Ward Choir & Jay Williams Choral Press
provides singing and conducting articles including intonation, pitching problems, vocal tension, breathing, posture and vowels. The site also includes conducting tips, warm up page, guide to copyright law and more singing related articles in the archive.

an art form of the alps provides an explaination and brief history of the art with a crash course from yodeller Florian Keller

Youngs Medical
contains pursed lip and diaphragm breathing exercises with explainations on how and why they work.


KTH Music Acoustic Groups
provide several research topics on music and the voice including:

high speed imaging of the larynx
the self-to-other ratio applied as phonation
detector for voice accumulation
voice loading and speech intelligibility in different workplace environments
breathing and phonation
the glottal oscillator
the choir and the room
the science of music performance
Vibrato and the Voice
Breathing & phonation
Performance Rules Examples
Demonstrated using midi and audio samples with a link to the online java applet.

Catherine Sandolin
Site promoting her book, cd and vocal theories.

Elizabeth Harmetz
Professional singer and voice teacher (soprano, concert, recital and opera singer) based in Orlando, Florida provides singing lesson info and links to vocal related resources on the internet plus bio, schedules, photos and sound clips.

Ernie Halter
Self proclaimed superstar provides tips and advice in his 5 minute singing lesson section along with testimonials, autobiograpy, songlist, sound clips and booking information.

Jeannie Deva Voice Studios Los Angeles
Voice Lessons, Products, Recording Production, Free Information and Resources for Contemporary Singers covering all Styles of Music.

HubPages – Singing section
This social networking site includes a section on singing with articles submitted by amateur members and others selling their services/products.

Paula James
site provides links to tons of music business resources with everything from Florida Musicians to Legal Advice and Promotion.

is an directory of Lyricists, Models, Music Directors and Punjabi Singers catalogued alphbetically. Unsigned artists can get listed along with celebs! plus news, charts and reviews of Indian music.

Site for singers run by Chrys Page which advertises ‘A Voice for a Lifetime in 30 days’ provides a sample voice lesson (registration required) plus back issues of the newsletter, free articles in the Page Turning advice section and ebooks for sale.

Singers Forum
A US non-profit organization based in New York, dedicated to the development and appreciation of the vocal arts for individuals of any age or level of experience and from all walks of life. Offers year round classes for the emerging artist and recreational singer in all styles of vocal performance.

Singer Solutions
Sell a series of practice cd’s, business advice workshops with some advice online and lists their own recommended teachers, coaches, accompanists and health practitioners for singers.

Susan Gregory offers therapy and instructional services to help performing artists, including online articles on gestalt therapy and singing.

The Art of the Negro Spiritual
A research project that is looking into the history of the Negro Spiritual as written for solo vocal performance, from the folk music of slaves to the art songs set for the concert stage. The aim is to produce a resource for the singer, vocal teacher and musicologist.

The Royans School Vocal Science Program
A selection of articles and published works by Diana Yampolsky including are available at the site. The school based in Toronto, Canada aims to provide a holistic approach that specializes in accelerated vocal development

The Voice Studio of Dr. Lee Strawn
Singing teacher based in San Francisco, click on ‘news and views’ for some do’s and dont’s for singers plus a list of suggested singers to listen to from a wide range of genres and styles.

Vintage Vocal Group Harmony Web Site
provides information on the R&B vocal groups or the 30’s, 40’s & 50’s.

Vocal Group Hall of Fame & Museum
dedicated to the greatest vocal groups (USA site)

The Vocal Resource – Rutgers.edu
Site includes an extensive A-Z singers glossary, New York Music School otolaryngologists and doctors listings, choral issues, reading list, links and questions answered by Christopher Arneson and Judigh Nicosia Professors at Rutgers University, New Jersey, USA.

Voice for Life
is a comprehensive and specialist training scheme for singers of all ages and abilities avialable to purchase from The Royal School of Church Music, Cambridge UK. The website also contains links to companion anthologies packed with a wide-ranging collection of songs and canons, from African, Australian, British and Spiritual traditions, guaranteed to appeal to all ages.

Winnie Wilson Goree
singing teacher in Atlanta, Georgia, USA provides a range of links to US singers resources.

Whittaker Live
Links and tips to useful performing arts resources on the web from the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama’s Whittaker Library.

Yahoo Answers
Enables members to ask a question on a range of subjects and gain responses from other members. There are a variety of catagories including one on Singing Questions & Answers.


A Brief History of Singing
by John Koopman

A Singers Guide to Music History
isn’t a lesson site but does provide some good pages on the history of Art Song and Opera from a variety of countries – includes a singers glossary of terms.

History of Music Education in the Philippines
by Leticia G. del Valle includes a basic description of the student / singing teacher relationship and method of instruction.


From Bebop to Bombay
Article in English by Roseanna Vitro on incorporating classical Indian vocal techniques into modern vocal jazz with brief explanations on different regional styles and techniques.

Shivkumar Carnatic & Hindustani Music Archives
All the files are in Audio format with a trained singer reciting the notes for the class which are also available in pdf/doc. Created by Mr Shivkumar Kalyanaraman the site has everything from the basics (sarali, dhatu, melsthayi etc) to the advanced (alankarams, varnams, krithis).


A Jazz Improvisation Primer
free instructional text covering the basics of jazz improvisation & accompaniment by Marc Sabatella. The ‘basics’ are pretty darned extensive and definately worth taking time to read, many schools use this primer – and it’s FREE!

Bernd van de Weteringh’s Vocal Jazz Page
Provides an introduction to the Concepts of Vocal Jazz, How to write Vocal Jazz, links, information and sound files of vocal jazz groups.

James Aebersold Jazz
Free Jazz Handbook available for download in .pdf format (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader), great for jazz fans and students of all levels.

Jazz Improvisation
3 articles from the University of Wisconsin Madison on Aspects of jazz rhythm and accent, jazz melody and jazz harmony plus links to jazz resources.

Jazz Singers Network
provides information for singers plus Frank Sinatra exercises, messageboard and links to music and singing resources.

Jazz Singing advice for the aspiring jazz singer at Vocal Splendor

Webpage for the newsgroup created for jazz musicians to discuss theory, practice, the music business etc.

The Improvisor
The international journal on free improvisation. Provides musicians and composers a place to share music, ideas, articles, reviews, scores and links to interesting sites.

The Vocal Jazz Resource
for jazz vocalists, educators and those interested in jazz site includes links to colleges and universities, local/regional jazz scene, jazz discography, song index, messageboards and resources for singers and educators.

Women In Jazz
Creates an annual series of concerts and professional workshops to aid in the professional development for female jazz vocalists. Based in Austin, Texas, USA.

Tonalities and performance techniques drum lesson online at Motherland Music.

Jazz Vocal Techniques
An instrumental approach to vocal Inprovisation is a method book for beginners to advanced improvisors written by pianist, vocalist and educator Anne Farnsworth whose site includes a selection of articles and reviews in the archive section.

All About Jazz
This link leads to an article about Yma Sumac the Peruvian Songbird who died in November 2008. The site includes Jazz reviews, news, articles, shows and upcoming releases.

Opera, Art & Classical

A Brief History of Singing and Unsung Songs
Explores the evolution of Western solo singing and provides an indepth guide to lesser known art songs.

Austrian American Mozart Acadamy USA
provides 6 week courses for opera singers which includes voice coaching, role preparation, career building, German for Singers and a recital.

AfroCentric Voices
Focuses on African American performers and composers and on the vocal music forms they influenced, especially opera, art songs and Negro spirituals composed for concert performance. Site contains bibliography, biographies, chronology, collections, forum, music links and VocalMus-L email music discussion list.

Baroque Cantata
Dedicated to the cantata repertoire, users can add composer biographies, join in discussions and debates or purchase the sheet music of the editions submitted by members.

Baroque Aria (UK)
offer arias from Baroque operas, serenatas, dramme per musiche and cantatas which were much feted in their day and still stand today as excellent examples of the genre. You can preview, audition and purchase music.

Baroque Opera UK
Dedicated to the period from around 1600 to the death of Handel in 1759 the site includes composer biographies and articles on Baroque Opera.

Baroque Composers
A collaborative project featuring the work of a number of researchers and performers, who aim to provide information on composers to enable users to find out where and when a work was written and how, when and by whom it was performed.

Baroque Serenata
Dedicated to the dramatic cantata the site authors are currently editing, performing and recording works within the genre and invite performers, musicologists and interested amateurs to make comments, suggestions, contribute music / articles or advertise performances around the globe.

Discussion forum and online community for classical and opera singers

Black History & Classical Music
This site provides little known information about African composers and musicians who have contributed to classical music since the time of Mozart.

Site in English and Italian, is dedicated to Italian Opera and offers an original, interactive service: The opera singer can listen and learn the text of Italian Opera arias using a guided step by step program. Many of the most important arias (for every kind of voice) are provided in zip format, ready to be downloaded. Some are free and users can request any vocal piece of Opera or Chamber Music.

Classic Arts Showcase
provides descriptions of previously televised broadcasts and video clips.

Coloratura eGroup
Singers mailing list discussion group.

Dutch Diva’s
Site provides pictures, biographies, sound files, reviews and discussion on Dutch opera / concert singers and conductors plus a few notable international performers. Of special interest is ‘The High C’ page containing information and sound clips, a full list of recognised voice types (with known artist examples) plus a good diagram of main ranges on the piano with typical note frequency stated below. Available in Dutch and English.

Opera portal including news, information and links to opera related sites.

Inside Out
A variety of information and interactive activities on opera, English National opera and La boheme. Including interviews, rehearsal footage, interactive singing lessons, and facility for show reviews.

La Scena Musicale
Classical music portal and Canadian magazine in French and English. Online version contains news, feature articles, webcast listings, canadian classical music calendar, singing, songwriting and composition contests plus cd reviews.

On Beginning Study to become an Opera Singer
Articles available at CMI Arts by American singer and teacher Alice Baker, whose own site contains an Opera Singers FAQ, articles and interviews with Alice.

Opera Singers on the Net is a site for opera singers and fans with features on broadcasts, apprenticeships, auditions, opera singers websites, forums, competitions and other information including site design services. Site available in English and German.

Opera Voices
Follows singers and their careers, produced by Bob Rideout

Definitive source of information for singing professionals with children.

Opera Practice Perfect
Opera piano accompaniments on CD and DVD including Aria’s, Opera Role and Choral Prep for singers. These can be purchased as full items or by character and are faithful to the written score.

Opera World
Information on singers workshops, opera talk, future production listings, opera conferences, feature articles, broadcast news and opera distance learning courses.

Pietro Metastasio UK
Site aims to provide access to the work of Italy’s greatest 18th century poet and librettist whose works inspired composers from Caldara to Mozart. There is some information but at the moment its limited to Libretti, Cantatas and Sonnets.

Pocket Coach Publications
provides a wide range of lessons for Classic & Opera singers. These coaching sessions are available on cd and contain fluent recitation of foreign text by native professionals, phrase by phrase repetition, text spoken in rhythm over the melody, word for word & linear translations plus melody and piano or orchestral accompaniement recorded on seperate channels. CD’s available include Italian Art Songs in medium high & medium low range, Messiah Orchestrations, Opera, Operetta, Czech, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Song Collections, Childrens Music, Gilbert & Sullivan, Choral, Sacred & Religious Music and Orchestral Accompaniments.

rec.theatre.music.opera – Musical Theatre newsgroup.

Scarlatti Project
involves researching, performing and recording the vocal and keyboard music of the great italian composer. Editions of works are also available on site for soprano, violin & continuo

Dedicated to the great Tenor voices in history, provides The German Fach System

The Classical Singer Community
This magazine and forum covers all aspects of the vocal arts within the classical community with articles, news and interviews available on subscription.

The Porpora Project
is devoted to the celebrated composer and singing teacher Nicola Antonio Porpora.

The (Un)official Counter Tenor Homepage
provides information and links to related websites.

Vocal/Opera section at Scena.org
The online version of music magazine providing features on singers, tips and articles on classical and opera music.

Overtone or Throat Singing

Dedicated to throat singing (Mongolia, Tuva, Tibet) which includes sound sample demonstrations of 5 basic techniques, information and snippets from the book and cd plus links to related sites.

Method of Learning Overtone Singing
by Tran Quang Hai & Bach Yen. Site includes information on phonation, musical terms about voice, discography, researches, activities and links to related resources. Available in English, French and Vietnamese versions of the site.

Overtone Chanting
Jill Purce’s UK website provides information workshops in the UK, Europe and N. America on magical voice techniques, Mongolian and Tibetan Overtone Chanting, Mantra, Sonic Meditations and related subjects.

Vocal Music of Mongolia
Article provides an explanation of various song forms and Mongolian Khoomii Singing links.