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News and advice to further your career in music, theatre, performance and live events. From upcoming auditions and opportunities for singers to the latest happenings in the industry.

stage fright
Stage Fright: Why Am I So Scared? What Can I do?
You are not alone if you suffer from what we have come to know as stage fright. I do not
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best vocal micophone
The 15 Best Microphones For Vocals in 2021
Whatever your budget, these microphones will help your vocals sound great on stage and in the recording studio. How to
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music industry job listings
Music Industry Job Listings
Latest job listings from A&R, Publishers, Record Labels, Management, Film, Radio & Tv people seeking music, songs, bands and artists
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busking licensing
Busking Licensing
The following are a small but growing collection of links to various city/country licencing requirements information and busking permit applications
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How to Write a Song: Essential Songwriting Tips
“If I were not a physicist, I would probably be a musician. I often think in music. I live my
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singers insurance
Music Insurance: A Guide for Singers and Musicians
Protect your equipment and assets There are several types of insurance that a singer needs to consider purchasing if they
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microphone faqs
Microphone FAQs
This is a collection of information of potential interest to users of microphones, especially those who use them to record
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copyright explained
Copyright & Royalties Explained
Songwriters should always copyright their work as soon as completed but what exactly is ‘Copyright’ and why should you use
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recording demo in the studio
Music Software
here are some great educational games and programs around for singers and musicians of all ages and standards.   We have
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booking management software
Booking agency / tour manager software, apps & online solutions
Booking agency/management/tour manager, roadies plus artist/entertainers virtual office software and web based solutions are becoming increasingly popular options for musicians
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buy sheet music
Sheet Music Suppliers, Retailers and Online Stores
The following are a links to sheet music suppliers on the web who provide an online catalogue and/or purchase service
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recording and production
Legally Recording and Distributing Cover Songs
Three Ways to Obtain Mechanical Licenses for Legally Recording & Distributing Cover Versions For many musicians’, a considerable amount of
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singing careers
Singing Careers
There are many ways in which a singer can earn a living although the wages vary considerably depending on style,
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Best Music blogs and magazines
Top Music Magazines and Blogs
There are tons of music magazines and online e-zines devoted to all types of instrument, style and standard of singer/musician
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PA Equipment for Singers
PA & Equipment Requirements for Singers & Bands
The P.A. system is the largest and most expensive equipment you will need to buy if you intend to work
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TV Talent Shows Pros and Cons
Pros & Cons of TV Talent Shows
The X Factor Phenomena Over the years the BBC, ITV and practically every other television company, radio station, talk show
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band name registration
Band Name Registration
Music Law & Contracts – Protecting your identity Choosing a name for performance purposes can be a minefield. It is
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wedding bands
Entertainment Agents and Bookers
Trawling the local circuit for paid work will inevitably introduce you to the local ‘Entertainment Agent or Promoter’.  Both provide
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