singing basics

The 5 Basic Components of Singing

The act of singing is made up of five main components: Breath, Pitch, Rhythm, Diction and Voice. We’re going to explain each component, how they all work together, and how you can work on each to improve your singing performance.

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increase vocal range

How to Expand Your Vocal Range

The average vocal range for an untrained singer is estimated to be around 2 octaves, but, with proper technique and regular exercise, you can add an extra octave to that, maybe more!

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singer with sore throat

Sore Throats From Singing: The Painful Truth

We shed light on why singer’s get sore throats, how to avoid them, and what steps to take for immediate relief. We’ll delve into the various factors that contribute to vocal strain and share proven prevention strategies.

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The Vocalist Directory

Are you a session singer, event singer or part of a function band? Create a profile on our directory and showcase your talents to potential clients.

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