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Surely anyone can sing without voice training? Many people are gifted with natural singing ability, but whether you want to become a professional singer, session vocalist, casual performer, or just sing for fun, it’s important to learn how protect your best asset and increase it’s potential.

Free online singing lessons and vocal training

Here at Vocalist you’ll find a wide range of free online singing lessons and articles to improve every aspect of your singing. From vocal training for beginners to daily breathing exercises, advanced singing techniques and tutorials for singers of all abilities.

If you’re looking to improve your singing technique, you’ll find a range of free voice training lessons, from breath control and warmup exercises to solfege scale exercises and singing techniques to improve your vocal range.

You’ll find even more online singing lessons and advice in our Singing & Music Articles section

Vocal Singing Exercises & Scales
Free vocal singing exercises online complete with midi scales to help you practice, plus singers articles and links to sites
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vocalise sheet music
Vocalise for Singers
What are Vocalises? A vocalise is a vocal exercise without words, often suitable for performance. Vocalises, or songs without words,
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glottal attack
Glottal Attack
There have been several queries from singers seeking advice on glottal issues. We are not medically qualified therapists and the
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loud music
Hearing Sensitivity
How sensitive is your hearing? Believe it or not many singers find that certain sounds/noises are extremely irritating and sometimes
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The Importance of Vocal Health
The Importance of Vocal Health
Many singers believe if they do not perform regularly they do not need to worry about vocal health and singing
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Singers avoid cheese
10 Things Singers Should Avoid
Having problems at Gigs? Do you find that some days your voice seems dry?  I’m not going to go into
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11 Tips to Sing With Confidence
Feel too nervous to get up and have a go? – you are not alone – many professional singers suffer
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singing careers
Microphone Techniques
Few singers practice their microphone technique enough, which results in some fantastic voices being overlooked due to poor sound quality
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singing careers
Performance Techniques
Sooner or later most singers want to come out of the lessons and practice sessions to try out their talents
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Vocal Techniques for Singers
Every singer has their own unique style, sound and tone, which is worth studying. Watching and listening to the way
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musician ear plugs
4 Reasons Why Ear Plugs Will Improve Your Rock Star Vocals
Everyone wants to be a rocker these days and everyone wants to step in front of the microphone. Some people
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singing basics
Singing Basics – 5 Basic Components in Singing for Aspiring Singers
To pursue a singing career, aspiring singers should know and understand the basic components in singing before anything else. It
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breathing excerise for singers
Breathing Exercises That Work For Singers
Any vocalist worth their salt will appreciate the benefits of good breath control. Developing these skills improves a vocalist’s ability
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Accessing Head Voice
Head voice is not just for tenors, IMO. I believe that all singing voices are entitled to this healthy aspect
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The Art Of The Singer
In Los Angeles, music is a business. Every publisher, attorney, producer and record label executive wants the artist to realize
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Breath Control for Singers
Breathing is the single most important element in singing. In order to control your voice you have to put out
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Breathing 101 for Singers & Vocalists
Breathing properly for singing is the most important foundation technique. Each and every tone we create is carried on the
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Breathing Techniques
The most important aspect of good singing technique is AIR. Singers must control their breathing or they become fatigued quickly
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