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Surely anyone can sing without voice training? Many people are gifted with natural singing ability, but whether you want to become a professional singer, session vocalist, casual performer, or just sing for fun, it’s important to learn how protect your best asset and increase it’s potential.

Free online singing lessons and vocal training

Here at Vocalist you’ll find a wide range of free online singing lessons and articles to improve every aspect of your singing. From vocal training for beginners to daily breathing exercises, advanced singing techniques and tutorials for singers of all abilities.

If you’re looking to improve your singing technique, you’ll find a range of free voice training lessons, from breath control and warmup exercises to solfege scale exercises and singing techniques to improve your vocal range.

You’ll find even more online singing lessons and advice in our Singing & Music Articles section

Using Falsetto to Access Head Voice
In a reply to the following query: I have also heard that falsetto singing would be great for the head
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Should I Sing This in My Head Voice or Chest Voice
A discussion about vocal range, register and tone placement for intermediate and advanced singers. As an experienced vocal coach and
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Become A Master Of Resonance
Q. Do you have some hints that one can apply to articulation. I sometimes find that with certain words my
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Passaggio – An Introduction to Vocal Transition Points
This tutorial on Passaggio is aimed at the complete beginner, who we suggest should read the article on Vocal Registers first! The
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Performance Blues
First, the most important question: Do you still love to sing? I know it sounds obvious, strange, etc. to ask
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Powerful Vocals
Screaming and Belting are both terms that some people use to describe a powerful dynamic voice.  The terminology implies that
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Learning the Art of Productive Vocal Practice
Studies have proven that a child who learns good study habits will have an easier and more rewarding educational experience.
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Releasing Tension for Singers
“I have a question which I think most young singers learning to sing face. How do I take away some
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Solfege – an Introduction to Shape Note Singing
Solfege, Solfeggio, Sol-fa, Fasola, Shape Note Singing and sight singing are all terms used to describe a system that was developed to
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Throat Tension & Relaxation
Try to ensure that you are relaxed before you commence practising your vocal exercises.  Do not hunch up your shoulders,
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Vibrato – Warble or Not!
Everyone is born with a ‘natural vibrato’ which by using the voice freely and practicing vocal exercises gradually improves the
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Online Singing Courses
Singers home study courses and web based training programs have become very popular in recent years and although we believe
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Tone & Emotion: Making the Most of Your Voice
Most people have a natural tone and resonance to their singing voice which may be altered or improved by singing
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Voice Registers
Say ‘Hello’ to the Voice! This tutorial on Voice Register is aimed at the complete beginner, who we suggest should
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sight singing
Sight Reading & Sight Singing Tips
What is sight-singing? Sight-singing is the ability to read and sing a piece of music previously unseen and unrehearsed. Relating
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Singing Practise Tips
When & Why Do I Have To Warm Up My Voice? Just like any other part of your body, the
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Sing Like The Stars
Singers Home Study Courses from Vocal Coach Roger Love Roger Love has often been called the Voice Coach to the
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Discover Your Middle Voice
The “chest voice,” “head voice” and the “falsetto” are simply words to describe different ways the vocal cords vibrate and
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