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Learn to sing online with this range of free vocal coaching, singing exercises and voice training streaming videos. These lessons are provided by a wide range of people. We have trawled through a great deal and rejected most that are simply poor promos for the teachers services or products with the exception of a few that inclcude a few meagre snippets of advice. The following videos are NOT hosted on our server or site but are provided by sites like YouTube. A link or video placed in this section of vocalist.org.uk does NOT imply recommendation of ANY kind but are provided entirely for information and entertainment.

Some are outstandingly good, some are cute or funny / tongue in cheek, some are so bad that they are worth adding as an exercise in ‘what not to do’ or ‘things to avoid in a teacher!!’ We have also included links to average lessons plus videos to some of the great and well respected singers of outstanding ability and technique in the Respected Singers which also includes good examples of voice fachs (type) and vocal styles. Also note that titles like ‘great singing exercise’ are taken from the site/author and not a reflection of what we may or may not consider to be good or bad exercises!

Teachers with video lessons hosted on a social networking site are welcome to send us a link for inclusion by using the contact form. We would especially like to hear from teachers of eastern and alternative musical styles and genres!


Masterclasses and demonstrations with established, famous and respected singers in their field. (We have started with Opera but other genres will be added as and when we find them!)

Beniamino Gigli Masterclass
In this video tenor Beniamino Gigli gives a short Bel Canto Masterclass on Mezza Voce (in Italian)

Maria Callas Masterclass 1
In this video Maria Callas talks about singing Trills

Maria Callas Masterclass 2
In this video Maria Callas provides a masterclass on singing the baritone part Cortiggianni, vil razza from Rigoletto by Verdi. (From her famous masterclasses at Julliard from 1971 to 1972)

Maria Callas Masterclass 3
In this video Maria Callas provides a masterclass to mezzo soprano Sheila Nadler performing Amneris from Aida. (From her famous masterclasses at Julliard from 1971 to 1972)

Maria Callas Masterclass 4
In this video Maria Callas provides a masterclass to bass-baritone Willard White on Fiesco’s aria. (From her famous masterclasses at Julliard from 1971 to 1972)

Pavarotti Masterclass 1
In this video Pavarotti gives advice and feedback to Tonio Di Paolo who is performing Questa, o quella from Rigoletto by Verdi.

Pavarotti Masterclass 2
In this video Pavarotti gives advice and feedback to Susan Mentzer who is performing Non so piu from Le Nozze de Figaro by Mozart.

Pavarotti Masterclass 3
In this video Pavarotti gives advice and feedback to Brian Schexnayder? who is performing Di Provenza il mar from La Traviata by Verdi.

Placido Domingo Masterclass 1
Video of Placido Domingo in Philadelphia 1982 masterclass coaching a singer performing aria from L´Elisir D´Amore

Placido Domingo Masterclass 2
Video of Placido Domingo in Northhampton 1983 and Japan 1987 masterclasses coaching singers and discussing singing techniques.

Voice Masterclass in Tbilisi Concervatory Part 1
Franco Tenelli gives a masterclass to a Alfredo who is performing Lungi da lei from La Traviata in Georgian capital Tbilisi. (In Italian with English Subtitles)

Voice Masterclass in Tbilisi Concervatory Part 2
Franco Tenelli gives a coaching lesson to a singer in Georgian capital Tbilisi. (In Italian with English Subtitles)

Voice Masterclass in Tbilisi Concervatory Part 3
Franco Tenelli teaches vocal warm ups to a young tenor who is going to sing Nemorino’s aria in a later episode of the series of Masterclasses in Georgian capital Tbilisi. (In Italian with English Subtitles)

Voice Masterclass in Tbilisi Concervatory Part 4
Franco Tenelli coaching baritone Ragner Palson singing Pari Siamo from Rigoletto by Verdi in Georgian capital Tbilisi. (In Italian with English Subtitles)

The Good

Voice training videos placed here contain above average information, exercises, warmups, demonstrations or advice for singers complete with visual and aural examples or discussion about aspects of the voice relevant to singing techniques regardless of style or genre.

Learn To Sing
Video tutorials provided by the BBC includes Masterclasses, warm ups, preparing the body, singing exercises, breaking down the song, fine tuning and the final polish plus a range of related videos including celebrities such as Louis Theroux, Christine Bleakley and Adrian Chiles having a go at singing.

How to sing Bel Canto 1
The first video on youtube with maestro Bonynge, opera singers Sutherland, Pavarotti and Horne discussing singing and technique. Includes demonstrations of exercises by these well known and well respected singers.

How to sing Bel Canto 11
The second video on youtube with maestro Bonynge, opera singers Sutherland, Pavarotti and Horne discussing singing and technique.

Get acquainted with your high notes
Video of a Brett Manning Speech Level Singing Workshop includes demonstrations and exercises with students.

Singing Lessons with Balcony TV
Tom has apparently been trying to learn a variety of musical instruments from the dubious comfort of his balcony.. neat and novel programme with exercises and instruction which whilst short (only 2 minutes) covers several basics in a clear and consise manner and demonstrates singing in harmony to great effect.

Top 3 Vocal Exercises
Brett Manning has uploaded some training videos including his top 3 vocal exercises, and a Whistle Voice FAQ.

Pavarotti Masterclass 1
In this video Pavarotti gives advice and feedback to Tonio Di Paolo who is performing Questa, o quella from Rigoletto by Verdi.

The Bad

This section includes videos that claim to provide voice lessons but are ridiculously bad (do not take their advice folks) plus some singers whose teachers must despair that they will ever learn to sing!

American Idol’s Sarah Goldberg Learns How To Sing
Ahh bless… Not quite in the same catagory as the others as Sarah has only had a 40 minute lesson with a teacher supplied by The Morning Show. This one almost made it into the funny section… Gotta give the girl credit for having a go and will be interesting to see if/how she has improved at next years Idol auditions.

Sasha’s Singing Lesson
Sweet lad with lots of enthusiasm, but dubious pitch and weird facial expressions…. needs to take singing lessons rather than attempt to give them.

Voice Lessons
What is this woman doing? Whatever it is it certainly isn’t a lesson … and people pay for this? ….. no wonder her students don’t bother to turn up …… not a good advert for a teacher…..

Deep Breathing and Breath Control
by SoundProof Chorus. Some of the info is interesting but honestly dude…. hunching your shoulders and failing to adequately demonstrate the exercises (side view so they can see the diaphram at work) gets ya into the bad pile

The Average

Voice lesson videos listed here are what we consider to be average to good although some may be lacking due to one or more factors. This does not mean they do not contain some valid methods or useful advice/exercises although this could be debatable depending on your school of training and standards. Nor is this meant to be a critisism of their actual teaching ability which may differ considerably in actual lessons. This may include things like poor recordings, bad spelling, long winded explanations, failure to include good visual/vocal examples, bad synching between audio/visuals or videos that are more demonstrational than instructional. All have some relevance due to the nature of the content and some ‘almost’ deserve to be in the ‘good’ section even if they are aimed more at promoting the teacher/studio/products ;-). These are listed in alphabetical order (by author surname where provided, or first name or studio name) and open in a new window.

AGM Vocal Warm Up (Gospel)
Video from a gospel vocal workshop demonstrating what looks and sounds like a fun vocal warm up. Other titles include
AGM Vocal Coaching Workshop
Scene from vocal workshop during vocal coaching weekend by AGM & BGA at Birmingham Conservatoire

So You Wanna Be A Singer, Train and Practice
R & B singer/songwriter Robert Anton’s series of video blogs on singing are clear and insightful with some great tips and advice suitable for complete beginners including:
So You Wanna Be A Singer, So Sing
So You Wanna Be A Singer. Trained vs Natural
So You Wanna Be A Singer. Learn An Instrument
So You Wanna Be A Singer. Check Out Every Lead
Using Your Head Voice (Falsetto)
Get Out of your Nose, singers/Is singing ‘in the mask’ harmful?
So You Want to be a Singer – Don’t Pay!

Vocal Exercises by Eric Arceneaux
Includes instruction with piano accompaniament and aural/visual examples. Eric has a selection of training videos listed including:
Vocal Warmup Part 1 – Diaphragm Exercise
Vocal Warmup Part 2 – Freeing Your Vocal Range
Vocal Warmup Part 3 – Improving Tone
Vocal Warmup: Part 4 Protecting the Throat
Voice Lesson: Style (Demonstration)
Voice Lesson: Vibrato (Prt. 1)
Voice Lesson: Vibrato (Prt. 2)

The Mask and Resonating
by Gandi Tenori – Bellon the Wise.

Nothing Vocal Lesson – Stu Block of Into Eternity demonstrating Rock/Metal Sirens & Screams

Vocal coaching No 1
Vocal singing exercises and scales by Thomas Bremser

Understanding Vocal Range by Ron Cross
A lesson in two parts plus a selection of other instructional videos with aural/visual examples including:
Understanding Vocal Range Pt. 2
Here’s a great vocal exercise
Singing with a cold
Riffs, Runs and Trills, oh my!
Dealing With Stage Fright
Dealing With Stage Fright Pt. 2

Behind the Scenes: All People Voice Lessons
Snippets of free lessons at the All People Open Mic in Jan 2007 with teacher Eileen filmed on location at the UM Church 4 All People in Columbus, Ohio

FaithSFX’s Stand By Me Beatbox Lesson
Like the onscreen guide … and sure it’ll be useful to aspiring beat boxers … but presentation needs work and a tip for the future… hold the microphone by the stem only dude!! This ‘scraped’ into this section……

JJ Vocal Coaching in Beijing
JJ in Beijing; gives vocal coaching to the preliminary cast of talents of a collaborative project between Lee Wei Song School of Music and a local media company, for a Musical TV project. Includes snippets of visits to WeiSong at his recording sessions of Fan Bing Bing. Filmed in 2005.(A long one at nearly 16 minutes).

Julia’s Singing Lesson
Part of an actual singing lesson which is obviously recorded by a doting mum or family member but included here as it shows the interaction between student and teacher.

Kim’s Techniques on how To Sing Properly 1 – Listen
Kim’s series of instructional videos include:
How To Sing Properly 2 – Mentality
How To Sing Properly 3 – Diaphragm
How To Sing Properly 4 – Breath Control
March Video Response

Six Steps to Controlling Your Stage Fright with Doc Bill Lampton

GK Lim – Deep Breathing Exercise
Ok so we have no idea who this guy is … but .. it deserves inclusion for his excellent demonstration and explanation presented with humour.

The Vocalist Studio – Robert Lunte
demonstration of students doing a variety of exercises…. using mics & amps! Robert has a selection of videos listed including:
Bridging and Adducting
Octave Sirens – Bridging Passagi
Open Siren 11 – Bridging Passagi and placing Resonators

Madonna Vocal Coach Visit
Snippet of Madonna with vocal coach Joan Teder (the spelling on the video is unclear so apologies if it’s incorrect!)

MN Shubert Center – Vocal Techniques
Melissa Ferlaak, singer of Austro-American band Visions of Atlantis and classically trained, conducts a master class with students at Morris Area High School. In this clip, she is teaching a student an unusual technique for hitting a high note

Singing Tips by Matthew (lip trill)
Useful demonstration of lip trills plus some good advice given in response to queries Singing Tips 2. Webmasters note: Whilst this young man stresses that these exercises were provided by Seth Riggs Speech Level Singing … they did not originate with this method but are in fact standard exercises that originated centaries ago that are taught in BEL CANTO and a variety of other methods.

Mr. Moreno’s Vocal Warm Up
A snippet showing an actor/singer doing vocal warm up exercises before a show.

Vocal Techniques from Pop to Rock 1 – Easy 1 to 5
The Rock House Method currently has two instructional videos listed which include exercises
Vocal Techniques from Pop to Rock 2 – Singing Gently in the Upper Range

Nirvana Savoury – Vocal Lessons
Snippet of vocal exercise taken during a group vocal lesson

Singing Lessons with Niki Scrase
Includes some scales and instruction with audio/visual examples.

Singing Lesson – The Tongue 1
SingBabySing (TM) – Joy Sikorski has several instructional videos, some suitable for parents and babies including:
Singing Lesson – Dog Pant
Singing Lesson – 3 Step Scale
Singing Lesson Resonance 1
Singing Lesson Resonance 2 – Silly Spinning Siren
Singing Lesson Resonance 3 – for ‘baby’
Singing Lesson – Projection 1
Singing Lesson – Slow Leaky Tire #1
Singing Lesson – Slow Leaky Tire #2
Singing Lessons at Storyopolis (for parents with babies and toddlers)

Throat Singing Tutorial
This young man describes his method of throat singing (also known as Overtone, Harmonic singing based on Mongolian, Tuvan or Tibetan Chant).

Vocal Training
Home video of a vocal training session including songs from students. Great young female singer in the red t-shirt at the end of the video.

and… the Cute & Funny!!

A selection of some hilarious spoofs on singing and voice training plus inadvertantly amusing performances and attempts at lessons by singers which made us laugh ;-)

12 Days of Christmas
Funny but very good acappella version with a humourous twist in the arrangement by these young men from Indiana University called Straight No Chaser

Ellen DeGeneres Voice Lessons
Hilariously funny video with comedienne Ellen DeGeneras and real voice coach Elaine Overholt.

Kristin Chenoweth on Ellen the Musical
Another funny video with comedienne Ellen DeGeneres and singer Kristin.

Think of Me – Phantom of the Opera
Duet with both parts sung by a guy!

How to Sing
Amusing and lighthearted look at aspects of singing (Parental Guidance: contains some curse words)

2 year old Koty singing Red Necked Woman
Lemme hear ya … go aaaaah.. just too cute …. that boys gonna go far…. when he grows up enough to learn the words & reach the microphone that is ;-)

Butch Walker Rock Vocal Power/My Way
Funny take off – not a real vocal lesson or video product …. very Spinal Tap

XFactor vocal coaching trailer
Ok yes …. we know this should be in the advertisements section … but this particular video is funny due to the speeded up ‘pinky & perky’ audio that accompanies the trailer …. weird…

Vocal Lesson One
Funny take off of a lesson by Simone. It is a remix from the Vocal Lesson 1 with Kame, Koki and Nakamaru in it (from KAT-TUN). And Aoki Sayaka (teacher).

Computer Voice Coach
Very funny take on computer training product (non-existent we hasten to add so don’t attempt to buy it!!)

Britains Got Talent – Connie
What a cutie .. 6 year old Connie singing Over the Rainbow accapella … pitch perfect and such a sweetie…

The Rehearsal Song from Sequins The Musical
Ms. Allyson leads her kids through vocal warm ups in the new show choir musical, Sequins!

Respected Singers & Vocal Styles

Learning to listen and watch singers with great vocal control and technical ability is just as important as learning to sing. Watch, study and hear their techniques. These video clips show some of the greats at their best and worst plus examples of singers who show exceptional ability in specific styles of singing.

Russell Oberlin
A true Haute-Contre or a Countertenor?

Dame Joan Sutherland (La Stupenda)
A Day in a Dames Life
Includes a unique perspective of her day with a peek at her rehearsals
El Humour de Joan Sutherland
Even great singers make mistakes!
Whose Afraid of Opera
with the Philharmonic Orchestra
Una Voce Poco
Kennedy Centre Honors 1995
includes a brief history of her musical career by Maryln Horne, snippets of arias from operas and with fellow esteemed singers.
Sutherland and Wagner
Documentary showing Joan in the recording studio.
Lucia di Lammermoor scene
Dame Joan perfoming with Luciano Paverotti.
Fratelli Ricci Crispino E La Comare (la non sono piu l’Annetta)
Sutherland and Paverotti in concert

Nessun Dorma – battle of the Tenors!! Listen and compare these singers interpretations.
Jussi Bjorling
This fantastic tenor provides the definative version of Nessun Dorma

Luciano Pavarotti
The incredible and sadly missed Pavarotti performing Nessun Dorma at Los Angeles 1994

Paul Potts
An unlikely candidate Paul is worth including here as a relative newcomer to the stage. A car salesman who loves to sing, he has had some training (including a masterclass with Pavarotti), he performed and went on to win Britains Got Talent.

Unlikely Combinations and Collaborations of Note!
This is A Man’s World
An unlikely combination …. Pavarotti and James Brown performing a duet in English and Italian!! Awesome!!!

My First My Last My Everything
Another unlikely combination … Pavarotti and Barry White which in my humble opinion is neither as electrifying or gel as well as the collaboration with James Brown … but still two great singers worth watching.

Too Much Love Will Kill You
A duet that never actually happened … Freddie Mercury meets Luciano Pavarotti. Video taken from Pavarotti & Friends 2003 and from Mercury & Montserrat Caballe Barcellona. Kudos goes to the guy who patched this together and put it on YouTube!

Too Much Love Will Kill You
Brian May gives a good performance vocally and on the guitar with Luciano Pavarotti singing in Italian at this Pavarotti and Friends 2003 concert

Andrea Bocelli and Luciano Pavarotti
Bringing out the big guns! Andrea and Luciano performing a medley.

State of Shock
Rare song performed by Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson accompanied by a photo compilation video.

If Not For You
An outtake from the Concert for Bangla Desh, with George Harrison and Bob Dylan singing Dylan’s 1970 song

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough
Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell

Alison Krauss and Robert Plant
Interview and snippets from the duet collaboration album Raising Sand with rock legend Robert Plant and country/bluegrass superstar Alison Krauss.

Peace on Earth / Little Drummer Boy
David Bowie meets Bing Crosby in this Christmas Duet.

Now You Have Jazz
Louis Armastrong And Bing Crosby sing

Khoomii – Throat and Overtone Singing
Tuvan Throat Singing
The singer is unknown but gotta say this is a wonderful demonstration of the art!
Altai Kai Throat Singing
Another great example of throat singing … and this guys vocal range and ability is impressive
Mongolian Throat Singing
A short snippet to be sure, but still very good!
RWMF Day 1 – Workshop – Mongolian Throat singing
Amra of Egschiglen demonstating a high-pitched form of throat singing at a workshop
RWMF 2006 – Workshop – Mongolian Throat Singing 2
Amra of Egschiglen performing a song during a workshop…

Native American
Amazing Grace in Cherokee
We couldn’t resist this one .. the womens voices blend so beautifully and the graphics are gorgeous… would like to hear some traditional native american songs though……

Freddie Mercury
Vocal Improvisation in Milton keynes 1982

Advertising Promos

Along with videos for singers providing lessons we found a bundle that are little more than adverts promoting the authors products. Some have more info than others which have been included here purely for the snippets of useful advice they contain.

Arthur Samuel Joseph
Vocal Coach to the Stars interview with creator of Vocal Awareness promoting his products but does provide some snippets of good advice.

Melissa Cross – ok rockers, screamers & metal heads out there … yes we know Melissa is a great rock teacher and yes the production on the videos is great… but with the exception of one Lesson and some cool snippets of advice there is little instructional content in these mainly promotional videos.
Angela from Arch Enemy Vocal Lesson by Melissa Cross
Zen of Screaming – Opening Info about the DVD
Melissa Cross Outtake: Smoking
Melissa Cross Lesson

Musicacademy – Vocal Sampler includes a few pitch exercises and scales

Hacken Lee Singing Lesson
Westerners like me may not understand a word of this .. which appears to be a promotional video that includes snippets from an example lesson.

Caitlin Smith
Vocal coach to Popstars TrueBliss has no instruction but shows the girls practicing for the first time together at Simon Holloways studio in New Zealand.

Debra Byrd – The American Idol Vocal Coach
Chat with Debra Byrd promoting her DVD includes interview with Kelly Clarkson and snippets of some of the Idol winners and finalists.

Glass Shattering Montage by Jaime Vendera
Demonstrates his glass shattering voice… includes snippets of interviews including the piece on Myth Busters


Not for the faint hearted, this selection shows parts of the vocal mechanism as seen by Laryngiscopy

Good Scream Bad Scream
Shows the vocal cords/folds, epiglottis, soft palate during vocalisation.

Vocal Exercise
Not a vocal exercise but a view of the larynx and vocal folds during a singing exercise

Inside the Voice
View of the vocal folds at work


Various videos of interest to singers and songwriters using computer recording software.
How to get Perfect Vocal Tracks
Recording – Cakewalk SONAR