The Art Of The Singer

In Los Angeles, music is a business. Every publisher, attorney, producer and record label executive wants the artist to realize […]

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Singing videos

Voice Training Videos

Selection of links to free online video lessons, techniques, tips, advice, exercises plus hilarious spoofs and links to audio/visual tracks of some of the great singers past and present.

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Vocal software and apps

Vocal Software

Includes articles and reviews on vocal removers, vocoders, vocal effects plugins, spectograph frequencies and harmonics plus online and downloadable spectographs.

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The Vocalist Directory

Vocalist aims to provide singers, musicians and songwriters of all abilities and styles, music industry contacts, lyrics, tab, midi, audio, MP3s & the latest job listings with A&R, TV, Radio, Film and publishers seeking artists, bands, songs, music and songwriters. Are you a singer for hire or in a wedding band? Join our directory of acts.

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